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Living in the modern day South Africa presents the individual with a lot of different challenges. Having been part of the old South Africa which the world tells us was bad has an effect on a person. After a while you start believing that you are guilty as charged. That is obviously if you are a white person who supposedly ill-treated the masses.

The world now tells us that we live in a wonderful free democratic  country with one of the best constitutions that has ever been formulated. Unfortunately this is not true. We have some of the highest crime statistics in the world. Citizens of this country right across the racial divide live in poverty, disease and fear. Fear that you are going to become a statistic of our horrendous crime rate. This is a given whether it be robbery, murder, fraud, rape or hijacking. Some where along the line you are going to be part of the statistics. You can only hope that your life is spared.

This is what started me writing poetry and on topics of interest to the people of South Africa. I am a white person but some of my poetry could just as easily been written by a person of colour. I am utterly fed up with our government who display an inability to govern properly.

Our country is in a mess.


4 Responses to About Butch

  1. Mamodima says:

    Hi Butch,
    I am an art/ lifestyle journalist at Sowetan and I am currently putting together a feature on Protest Poetry. I would like to add your voice in my story.
    Kindly contact me on the email provided asap.
    Thanks and Regards

    • Butch Hannan says:

      Hi Mamodina,
      Sorry for taking so long to reply. You are welcome to use any of my poetry that you want as long as you acknowledge the source with a reference to this website.
      Have a good day further.
      Butch Hannan

    • Jeffrey Shisinga says:

      Good day Butch and Mamodima

      Mamodima, I am a tutor at the University of Limpopo. I would like to see and read your piece about Protest Poetry.

      Is there a blog or website link to your piece?

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